ByNouck's Quality

Handmade with Love...

All of our items are handmade with love in our Studio in the Netherlands. They have a high quality gold plating and last for a very long time. To keep your beauties pretty and shiny even longer, we would like to give you some extra tips!

  • Take off you beauties while showering or swimming, water can harm the plating over time
  • Remove your jewelry while sleeping or working out
  • Be careful with harsh products like perfumes and creams
  • Always store your jewelry in our lovely pouch/ box
  • You can clean / polish them with a dry soft cloth

Nickel free and hypoallergenic
All of our jewelry pieces are nickel free and therefore hypoallergenic.


All of our items are made from a brass-based metal with a 14k to 16 karat gold plating. They are gold plated using a strong electro-plating technique that ensures your jewelry has an even layer of shiny gold all around. This technique lasts much longer than the commonly used 'flash-gold' plating technique.

Freshwater Pearls
Our cultured freshwater pearls come from Southeast Asia. Did you know that freshwater pearls grow in all kinds of lakes, ponds and rivers? The cultured part of the description means that the pearls were created with some human intervention.
The pearls take about six months to 2 full years to grow before they are carefully harvested. Each pearl is unique in shape, size and character. We take pride in making your pearl necklaces by hand, as we tie and attach each piece by hand!

Natural Gemstones
Our gemstones come from all over the world! All of our birthstones come from a small workshop in Jaipur, India where a talented group of stone carvers work on the stones you wear. We are very excited to work with them because they have many stones that we can choose to work with. This makes designing very fun!