The past year really turned our lives upside down. People all over the world are looking to religion, spirituality, yoga, and nature for answers. A trend that is reflected in today's fashion. Wear what you care about, or what you stand for, close to your heart with the latest ByNouck Mystic collection.


Do you remember that day in 2020? When restaurants, bars, stores, and gyms were replaced by home cooking, a glass of wine on FaceTime, online shopping and yoga in the comfort of your living room? It was the start of a year filled with uncertainty and confusion. At the same time, it also gave us a chance to pause and ask ourselves: what do I find important in life? And, what really makes me happy?


Making healthier food choices was already quite the trend - oh, how we just love colorful smoothies and superfood salads! But, we are also super happy rummaging through the most beautiful second-hand stores for that cool vintage chair or 80's top. If anything, the pandemic has made us realize how great - and important - it is to take good care of ourselves, each other, and our planet. And sometimes, a piece of symbolic jewelry can help remind us of that!


For centuries, people have looked to spirituality for answers or support in troubled times. And even as life gradually returns to normal, a ray of hope is still very welcome. As our life is changing, we look for comfort but also for meaningfulness. For a symbol that empowers us, a gemstone that protects or heals us, or a charm that brings good luck.

''We look for comfort and meaningfulness. For a symbol that empowers us, a gemstone that protects us, or a charm that brings good luck.''


With the new Mystic Collection, ByNouck brings positivity and healing to you and your loved ones. Wear a necklace with a powerful stone close to your heart or gift an earring with a special symbol. All the collection’s items have a meaning, like the good fortune carp, the mystic eye to repel evil eyes, and the magically protective hamza hand, combined with gemstones such as opal - the bringer of hope, rose quartz - the healing stone, and onyx - the powerful shield.


Although we love to think of a fortune-teller with a crystal ball in a gypsy wagon wearing our jewelry, all items are designed to match the outfit you feel most comfy in! From your favorite hoodie to a bohemian waistcoat or little black dress. Well-known brands are celebrating our regained freedom with bursts of color, beautiful prints, and meaningful symbols. With our new Mystical collection, you can add your own touch with charms and stones that reflect who you are!