After dark and cold days, it’s finally time for the brighter days. We’ve all longed for this for a very long time. Subconsciously, humans like to dress brighter and more colorful when the weather gets better, and so do we! With this new collection we bring our joy and love to the outside world!


The Tulum collection is inspired by the ancient Maya Culture. Mayans were famous for their love for jewelry. Back in time materials like gold or silver weren't discovered yet to make jewelry from. This didn’t stop the Mayans from experimenting and decorating themselves with beautiful jewelry pieces. They discovered different ways to pierce themselves and create jewelry pieces made from various, natural materials. 


The Mayans are also known for their great astrology skills. And as you know, we truly believe in the energy of the moon and stones and we love to incorporate this in our jewelry pieces. Our Tulum Collection is full of decorative talismans, ancient amulets and healing stones. These items will empower every person to celebrate their own beauty and story. Mixing pendants, colors or healing stones will enhance personal and meaningful stories. This is the key to individuality and self-expression.


The views in Tulum are just like a dream. It is not only home to great beaches, but also has lush jungles, cenotes and lagoons. The perfect location to enjoy life, nature and culture. We wanted to infuse the meaningful story, vibe and colors of Tulum into our collection, because everyone deserves a little bit of this beautiful city.


We love to see people with different styles and stories wearing our jewelry. Our items are made to mix and match, so you can style it in your own way. This collection includes bright  colors, which you can match perfectly together if you like a tropical and eye-catching look. If you’re more of a monochrome type you can also choose to stick to just one color. The most important thing is that you wear where you feel best in! Your story and personality makes you, you!