These stones full of mesmerizing meanings should be your new way to express your personality. Your birthstone charges you with good luck and connects you with yourself and your loved ones. 

Are you curious about the explanation of your birthstone, or the birthstone of your loved one, friend or sister? Then read the explanation of all birthstones!


The Garnet gemstone is the official January birthstone which actually comes with different colors including yellow, green, red and purple. This exquisitely sparkling beautiful gemstone can turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The stone stands for luck, health, loyalty and friendship to people who are born in this month.The spiritual meaning of Garnet is the embodiment of the energies of fire, passion, creativity and strength. It heals your feelings, emotions, body and spirit - the Garnet stone is a wise choice!


The February birthstone, Amethyst brings passion, creativity and spirituality to people who are born in this month. This beautiful purple gemstone represents royalty, clarity and healing. Wearing it close by has a positive influence on creativity and enhances intuition. Its calming presence was thought to produce soothing dreams, producing clarity and peacefulness to the waking mind. 


The aquamarine is named after the blue-green sea color, which is also where it finds its origin. This meaningful stone generally symbolizes peace, offers strength, but also enhances intuition. Aquamarine evokes the sense of calm that the sea brings, which is very calming for sensitive people. The birthstone of March is associated with self-confidence and enhances mental growth. It also represents clear communication straight from the heart.


The Herkimer is dazzling in thousands of ways and has been around for millions of years. The Gemstone is very pure, extremely powerful and intense. Over the centuries, the beauty of this stone has always fascinated and inspired people. It can also inwardly give important insights and reach deep layers of yourself and your consciousness. It helps you think creatively and encourages you to make your dreams come true. Wear her with love and she will give you the energy you need.


The month of May is undeniably associated with the green emerald. The beautiful green-colored Emerald represents wisdom and health. The emerald helps give you insight into the future, but hope and patience are also part of this birthstone. It has long been associated with fertility and rebirth. The Emerald is a very spiritual stone and represents love, inspiration, openness, sincerity and positivity. People who wear the stone will be able to enjoy life more and notice an improvement in relationships.


The Moonstone symbolizes purity and passion. This stone has a positive effect on the female body and intuition. Wearing the Moonstone has a positive effect on sleep and dreams. It enchants you with its magical glow, through which your imagination is stimulated. It strengthens your intuition which makes you more likely to recognize genuine love. The Moonstone is the stone of hope, keep her close to you and she will bring you happiness.


The light red Ruby stone symbolizes strength, passion and zest for life. Ruby is a protective stone that also helps to find courage and energy. Harmony and protection fits this color exactly. The stone brings joy and spontaneity to life and protects you from negative energies. It ensures that you keep a clear and sharp mind regarding where you want to go and how you think you will achieve it. Ruby's deep red color also has ties to love, passion and raw emotion.


The Peridot is a lime-colored stone that lights up with its beautiful glow even in the dark. Peace and happiness are the two keywords associated with this type of birthstone. The Peridot encourages great passion, dedication and longevity. Also, you can also expect it to reduce your stress. It is believed to carry the gift of inner radiance, sharpening the mind and opening it to new levels of consciousness and growth, allowing a person to recognize and realize their destiny and spiritual purpose.  


The Blue sapphire birthstone with its beautiful color represents purity, wisdom and faith. The sapphire has been loved for centuries, for its exceptional beauty but also for its extraordinary properties. Such as honesty, friendship, loyalty and hope. The meaning of the sapphire literally translates to "precious stone." The stone is also called the color of heaven because of its beautiful blue color. The sapphire is a royal gemstone and this stone of the month goes with everything!


The Tourmaline is a beautiful stone with a purple touch and can be found in a wide variety of colors. It symbolizes love of humanity and humanism. It is worn to encourage sympathy for others and carries the virtue of unconditional love and friendship. Tourmaline is a symbol of hope and peace. It is a powerful protector against negative energy, which is transformed into positive energy. Tourmaline gives strength and self-confidence and lets you stand firm in your shoes.


The citrine is a symbol of love and affection, and is said to aid one's sweetness and disposition. They remind us of bright, warm sunshine and the vitality of life. Their vibrant yellow color and radiant brightness often represent a healthy mind and body, as well as happiness and success. The stone makes it easier for the wearer to relax. The stone represents truth, prosperity and joy in life. Wearing Citrine gemstone jewelry can give you strength and also boost your mind. 


The last month of the year is December with the birthstone Turquoise which combines the intuition of the violet ray with the confidence of the pure blue ray. The genesis of turquoise represents the dynamics and intercourse between two friends. It brings wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery. The fascination with this striking gemstone has never been stronger than today, Turquoise is now always associated with strong, positive qualities such as purity and healing. It should not only bring you happiness and friendship, but it should also make the wearer feel happier and satisfied.