The Brandstory

The Brandstory

Anouck started with personal bracelets she made herself with shells from the shore in Curacao and little brass stars. Soon, more and more people were asking for her items. Anouck decided to gave up her place in fashion styling to devote more time to her jewelry brand.

With her background in styling, Anouck took this adventure the same way. She combined and mixed the most unexpected materials and matched them in themes and stories. While always looking for hidden treasures in the meantime. 

At By Nouck we take you at special journeys to sandy beaches, the universe and in to the wild wild west. With matching colour palettes, charms and materials. We add products every month to get you ready for every fashion season. So our jewelry can be part of your outfit but after all we think sometimes it can be the other way around ;) 

Don’t know how to combine? Anouck is still a stylist and we’re always ready to get you a perfect match. Take a look at our styling advise and combinations underneath every item at our webhop.